Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Studio D'Artisan - SP-013XX 30th Annv. Edition

The SP-013XX is Studio D'Artisan's latest and final model produced in commemoration of their 30th Anniversary, a 17oz selvage denim dyed with natural indigo from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan using the Kasé Zomé technique. This process is done in small batches using a special machine that operates similar to hand dyeing in that the undyed yarns are dipped into indigo vats, exposed to air for oxidation, twisted to squeeze out the excess dye, and then repeated depending on the preferred shade of blue. The more times it's repeated the darker the blue will be with the average dyeing cycle completing after about 10 times. The SP-013XX denim yarns are dipped and repeated 30 times, three times the average, to bring out the darkest color possible from this natural indigo while still maintaining an undyed core of the yarn. This undyed core will help in color falling and fading as seen in their regular indigo denims. Other details include original gold buttons and rivets, indigo dyed jacquard woven linings, and tri-color selvage. Limited to 200 pairs worldwide. Made in Japan. Available in store and online here