Saturday, July 16, 2011

Samurai Heavy Weight Straight Belt Re-Stock

We've received a new shipment of our Samurai heavy weight 6-8mm thick Straight style belts made of Solid American Steer Hide Saddle Leather specially treated by Japan's premier leather craftsmen and feature hand tooled custom made Pewter buckles which are mounted on using Chicago screws. All hand made in Japan. Available in Natural, Brown, and Black in sizes 30/32/34/36/38/40 in store and online here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Momotaro Jeans Re-Stock

We've re-stocked three styles from Momotaro including the Vintage Label Tight Fit 0701, and Slim Fit 0201, and the Going To Battle Model - Tight Fit 0703/0705SP. Click on the style name or photo's to be redirected.

Tight Fit - Lot 0701

Slim Fit - Lot 0201

Tight Fit - Lot 0705SP

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samurai Jeans - S5000VX21oz Re-stock

We've just received a new shipment of the Samurai S5000VX21oz. These were first introduced back in 2009 and have not seen another release since then, until now. The S5000VX21oz are made from Samurai's original 21oz denim they call the "Cloth of Super Excellence".

What separates Samurai's heavy denim from the others is that they use uneven threads and yarns that are tightly spun from rugged cotton fibers then woven on vintage looms in the same manner as traditional lighter weight denims, which is a far greater challenge than just using soft and heavy filler yarns that glide through smoothly when weaving on the old wooden shuttle looms. Samurai's heavy ounce denims instead create a great amount of stress on these old machines and were it not for the highly skilled weaving craftsmen who are able to keep the machines under control, these denims would not be possible. The same goes for the sewing craftspeople who are able to construct these heavy ounce jeans with beautiful precision and finesse and do it using 100% cotton threads which is an unprecedented feat and a great achievement all its own. Samurai pushes the limits at all stages of the production process, and after rigorous tests throughout the years, are able to produce heavy ounce denims that not only look and feel superb but that could also achieve ultimate color fading.

However, Samurai are not only concerned with just being heavy, their aim is to create the highest quality garments in the spirit of old style manufacturing using traditional methods and techniques, just Amplified.

More details and information about the S5000VX21oz below and here

Friday, July 1, 2011

Studio D'Artisan - D1513 Natural Indigo Jean

Studio D'Artisan are known for their beefy and heavy weight denims and have produced several using natural indigo dye but the D1513 offers something new in the way of a light weight 100% cotton 12.5oz Japanese selvage denim, dyed with natural indigo from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan using the Kasé Zomé technique. This dyeing process is done in very small batches using a special machine that operates similar to hand dyeing in that the undyed yarns are dipped into indigo vats, exposed to air for oxidation, twisted to squeeze out the excess dye, and then repeated depending on the preferred shade of blue. Details include Dual color 100% cotton thread top stitch sewing throughout, alternating the colors on the top and bottom; where there is Yellow outer layer stitching there will be Orange stitching beneath and vice versa, Triple-needle dual color chain stitching at yoke and center seams, Lining reinforced back yoke, Half-lined Rear pockets, and Leather patch with Gold leaf embossing. Hand made in Japan and available in store and online here