Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samurai Jeans - S5000VX21oz Re-stock

We've just received a new shipment of the Samurai S5000VX21oz. These were first introduced back in 2009 and have not seen another release since then, until now. The S5000VX21oz are made from Samurai's original 21oz denim they call the "Cloth of Super Excellence".

What separates Samurai's heavy denim from the others is that they use uneven threads and yarns that are tightly spun from rugged cotton fibers then woven on vintage looms in the same manner as traditional lighter weight denims, which is a far greater challenge than just using soft and heavy filler yarns that glide through smoothly when weaving on the old wooden shuttle looms. Samurai's heavy ounce denims instead create a great amount of stress on these old machines and were it not for the highly skilled weaving craftsmen who are able to keep the machines under control, these denims would not be possible. The same goes for the sewing craftspeople who are able to construct these heavy ounce jeans with beautiful precision and finesse and do it using 100% cotton threads which is an unprecedented feat and a great achievement all its own. Samurai pushes the limits at all stages of the production process, and after rigorous tests throughout the years, are able to produce heavy ounce denims that not only look and feel superb but that could also achieve ultimate color fading.

However, Samurai are not only concerned with just being heavy, their aim is to create the highest quality garments in the spirit of old style manufacturing using traditional methods and techniques, just Amplified.

More details and information about the S5000VX21oz below and here