Friday, July 1, 2011

Studio D'Artisan - D1513 Natural Indigo Jean

Studio D'Artisan are known for their beefy and heavy weight denims and have produced several using natural indigo dye but the D1513 offers something new in the way of a light weight 100% cotton 12.5oz Japanese selvage denim, dyed with natural indigo from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan using the Kasé Zomé technique. This dyeing process is done in very small batches using a special machine that operates similar to hand dyeing in that the undyed yarns are dipped into indigo vats, exposed to air for oxidation, twisted to squeeze out the excess dye, and then repeated depending on the preferred shade of blue. Details include Dual color 100% cotton thread top stitch sewing throughout, alternating the colors on the top and bottom; where there is Yellow outer layer stitching there will be Orange stitching beneath and vice versa, Triple-needle dual color chain stitching at yoke and center seams, Lining reinforced back yoke, Half-lined Rear pockets, and Leather patch with Gold leaf embossing. Hand made in Japan and available in store and online here