Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fullcount - 1108SH Long Staple Turfan Cotton

Fullcount & Co., long known for their extra long-staple 100% Zimbabwe cotton Japanese selvage denims, continue their Legacy of producing elegant long-staple selvage jeans with the release of the 1108SH. With this new model, Fullcount set a challenge to create a premium selvage jean of "absolute quality at an even more challenging price". They chose to take this challenge to China, seeking out the finest artisan craftspeople available and using the finest extra long-staple Chinese cotton available, hand picked and harvested for centuries in the city of Turfan.

Turfan (吐鲁番), or Turpan as it's also known, is an ancient city located in the northern Xinjiang Uyghur region of China and was once an important strategic point along the Silk Road trade route. Xinjiang was one of the first regions in China to cultivate cotton which they began harvesting and weaving just under 2,000 years ago.

Together with Hubei and Jiangsu provinces, Xinjiang produces the highest quality cotton in China, with Xinjiang as the sole producer of long-staple cotton in China. Turfan's extra long-staple cotton is used around the world in the manufacture of top-grade textiles.

The 1108SH, which shares the same fit, detailing, and trimmings of the Japan made Fullcount 1108, is a fully in-country produced garment beginning with the cotton which was harvested, spun, dyed, and shuttle woven in China; then cut, sewn, and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and detail by the finest artisan craftsmen that China has to offer. The retail price for the 1108SH is $183. Please note that Fullcount will continue to produce all of their regular mainline products in Japan as they always have, it is only those items for this special project using Turfan cotton that they will produce in China.

More details and information about the new 1108SH below and here