Friday, June 3, 2011

Samurai S5000BK Re-stocked in all sizes

The Samurai S5000BK began as a limited edition model back in 2006 and have since become part of their regular line-up, yet even then are still only produced once every 2 years or so and in small quantities. Made from Samurai's Model "Zero" original 17oz Black raw selvage denim and cut in their S5000 silhouette with tonal Black top stitch detailing, Black coated steel tack buttons, and Copper rivets.
One unique aspect of the S5000BK is the denim's color dyeing process. The warp yarns are rope dyed in Black, and the cores of the yarns are left undyed as is common with most Japanese indigo dyed denim. This is what helps to create the exceptional fading patterns these denims are known for, by breaking off the top layer of color to expose the undyed cores beneath. So unlike non-rope dyed Black jeans which tend to just turn a Grey color all over with repeated wash and wear, the color fading properties of the S5000BK will be similar to those of Samurai's indigo denim jeans which crock and fade in areas of distress.
To demonstrate this, pictured below are a pair of S5000BK's that were washed and worn regularly for around 10 months. More information and details on our new shipment of S5000BK's here