Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skull Jeans S5000XX 6x6 15th Anniversary Ltd

Skull Jeans have re-released the S5000XX, Skull's flag ship model, to celebrate their 15th Anniversary. This limited edition model features an updated 6x6 denim made from a special blend of cottons harvested from California and Arizona. Most notably the extra long staple cotton of Arizona, more commonly referred to as Pima Cotton, and world renowned for it's long and luxurious fibers as well as it's strength and durability. This smooth long staple cotton denim is in slight contrast to the previous Skull 6x6 denim that used primarily Texas cotton which is known for it's rough texture and shorter than average staple lengths. The S5000XX uses this new 6x6 denim in it's raw untreated state for shrink to fit purposes, bypassing the sanforized process used for the S5010XX and S5507XX models, while also giving the denim a more textured hand.
Trimming details for the S5000XX (also found on the S5010XX and S5507XX models) include genuine steel tack buttons with a white silver finish, each one polished by hand, and punch through steel rivets Copper plated for a subdued color effect that compliments the deep indigo denim, each are custom embossed on front and back with Fab Four & Co. J.P.
The deepened coin pocket detail (viewed from the backside) is specific to the S5000XX model. Fabfour refer to it as the "Jackknife Pocket"....
This S5000XX 15th Anniversary model is limited to 300 pairs worldwide and is now available in our store and online. Details and information here