Friday, September 3, 2010

Samurai Jeans - Limited Edition 2010 - 五輪書 / Go Rin No Sho (Book of 5 Rings) - Fire Model

The "Go Rin No Sho" series is a collection of 5 different models presented by Samurai Jeans, each one based on the teachings of the famous samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi found in his written text on survival strategies entitled "The Book of Five Rings" or "五輪書 / Go Rin No Sho" as it's known in Japan. Musashi broke his teachings down into five sections, or "books", in connection with the five physical movements of life as referenced in many ancient Eastern philosophies and thought; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void. And in this order Samurai will release a new jean featuring weft yarns and pockets bags dyed with a natural dyestuff representing each of these five elements.Each model is made with Samurai's Original 17 ounce Japanese selvage denim cut in their standard S5000 silhouette. The S5000GX-H is the third in this series and features weft yarns and pocket bags dyed with Turmeric and Sappanwood for a Reddish tone to represent Musashi's third book, "The Book of Fire".
Extra details include special button fly tack buttons embossed with the characters of the five elements, dual line selvage with multiple strands of Silver and Gold lamé, front pocket bags with Gold printed symbols of the elements, along with a leather patch produced individually with the ink color representing the featured element, and each pair comes packaged in a special box with Gold stamp lettering made to look like a book with the color representing the featured Element. Each model in this series is Limited to 400 pairs Worldwide. More details and information here