Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stone Island - New Ventile® Ghost Deck Jacket

We've just received our final piece from Stone Island's Fall series of Ghost pieces which are based on the concept of camouflage and are totally monochromatic. This Deck style Jacket is produced in VENTILE®, an extremely high density, 100% cotton fabric, made with the longest and purest fibres, developed in Great Britain for British fighter pilots’ overalls during the Second World War. Although uncoated and non-laminated, its high density weave, as well as the swelling properties of the fibre when wet, provide an excellent weatherproof barrier. VENTILE® is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort as well as being windproof, highly breathable and very durable. VENTILE® is still used today by the British Antarctic Survey, NATO pilots, and +8000 metre expeditions.
This style features a Heavy ribbed collar and cuffs, Full zip up front with button down placket overlay with felt backing, Body and Sleeves with a Quilted and padded inner lining, and an inside left chest pocket with button closure. Entirely Made in Italy. More details and information here