Friday, March 9, 2012

New items from Samurai Jeans

Including a Waxed Cotton Duck Canvas Hunting Jacket with with concealable Hood, Corduroy lined collar and hood flaps, Back opening that can be used to store game or unsnapped and used for sitting on, and Samurai original Navajo print inspired woven lining with "Mt. Fuji" theme. 
The S5000AI-OGSP Limited Edition jeans using Samurai's original 17oz Left Hand Twill selvage denim made of 100% certified Organic Cotton and Hand Dyed with Natural Indigo. Details include Lavender color selvage line threads dyed with Shellac, Organic Supima Cotton chambray pocket bags, Gold tack buttons, and packaged in special box.
S0553XX Jean Jacket using Samurai's original 15oz Texas Cotton selvage denim. Available in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46.
And the S5000KA Limited Edition jean using Samurai's original 24oz denim Hand Dyed with Kakishibu, a fermented dyestuff from the juice of unripe persimmons - the first time ever attempted with this heavy a denim.