Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eternal - New, Recent and Re-stock Items

We recently received some new items from Eternal, some more recently than others so stock may be limited in a few of the styles, along with a re-stock of a couple of items. New items include the 888 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Jeans based on the 811 silhouette using Eternal's flagship 14.5oz deep dark 30 times dyed Indigo selvage denim with added details such as an Indigo Dyed Leather patch, Half-lined rear pockets, Wabash printed pocket bag lining at front and rear pockets, and Comes with limited edition Red Eternal bandana.

Recent items we've received include Indigo Dyed Gauze Shirts in Light and Dark indigo, an Indigo Dyed Fleece Cardigan Jacket, the 885 Slim Fit Boot Cut Jeans, an Indigo Denim Cap, Hand-Made Cowhide Leather Bolo Ties in two original designs, and Knitted socks in Melange and combo Stripe colorways. Re-stock items include the Hand Woven Indigo Dyed Scarf, the 811 and 883 One-Wash styles and the 882 Hand Distressed Model. All items Made in Japan. More detail pictures below and more information about these and other items from Eternal here