Saturday, June 30, 2012

Real McCoy's - New, Recent, Re-Stocked Items

A lot of new items in from The Real McCoy's, some we've just received and others that have come in over the last couple of weeks, in addition to some re-stocks of a few items.

New and recent items include a Lee Riders 101J Raw Selvage Denim Jacket, the "PEACEHELL" Sateen short sleeve Shirt;  a Military Tank Top in Olive;  Tiger Stripe camo Fatigue jacket and ADS Trousers;  2-in-a-Pack Tee's in Black and Black/White Combo pack;  a Type A-2 jacket in Seal Brown Horsehide leather with Deep Red 100% Silk Lining (first Real McCoy's A-2 available in size 46);  the 8 Hour short sleeve Serviceman Shirt;  the Jungle Fatigues in 100% Cotton Tropical Poplin;   an Army Hat, INTEL Shirt and Cargo Shorts all made in their Double-Faced herringbone twill Frogskin Camo;  a 37J1B Flying Jacket using 100% Cotton Grosgrain for the body and made to order for us in Plain form without the stencil graphics;  a Military Sateen Trouser in OG107 Olive Green;  some Joe McCoy "cookie" design selvage Bandana's in Green, White, and Yellow;  the Lot 927 Raw Selvage Denim Jacket;  and the Joe McCoy's Lot 002 Jeans in their XH Raw Selvage Denim featuring a Horse skin Hair-on-Hide patch.

We've also Re-stocked many items as well including the Joe McCoy's Lot 991 Jeans, the M-65 Field Jacket, the "Blue Seal" Heavyweight Cotton Trousers in Olive Khaki and Beige, the '66 Khaki Trousers, the M-65 Field Pants, the 2-in-a-pack Tee's in Grey and White, and the U.S.N. style Watch Cap.

All items made in Japan by The Real McCoy's and available here