Monday, December 17, 2012

Skull S5010XX BLACK Raw Jeans Re-Stock

The Skull S5010XX Black Slim Fit Raw Jeans are now back in stock.  Featuring Skull's original weave 14oz Japanese Selvage denim made of 100% Zimbabwe Cotton. The Warp threads are dyed Black using the cheese dyeing process while the Weft yarns are left White as is common with Indigo-dyed jeans. Due to the undyed core at the center of the Black dyed Warp threads, fading is similar to Indigo denim jeans.
Other details include Genuine Steel tack buttons with a White Silver finish, each one polished by Hand;   Punch through Copper plated Steel rivets;   and 100% Cotton thread Top Stitching using the same contrast Gold color used for the Indigo model S5010XX.  Skull Jeans are hand made in Japan and available exclusively in the US at Blue in Green.   Sizes 27-36  /  $345  /  In store and Online here: