Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fullcount & Co. - 1109 & 1109XX Slim Fit and 1108 & 1108XX Straight Fit Jeans Re-stock

We've recently re-stocked the Fullcount 1109 Mid Rise Slim Narrow Leg Jeans  (which are based on our original design collaboration 1653LTD jeans) and the 1108 Mid Rise Slim Straight Leg Jeans  in their flagship 13.75oz Japanese selvage denim,  as well as the 1109XX and 1108XX  which are the heavier 15.5oz versions.  Each denim is using 100% Zimbabwe Cotton which has been harvested by hand, instead of by machine, so as not to damage the fibers and allow for a harvest of super long fibers in a thin uniform length.  These extra long cotton fibers contribute to the luxurious feel of Fullcount's denim which starts off with just a slight amount of uneven texture that evolves and gives way to a silk like hand becoming more apparent with frequent washing and wearing.  Both styles are available in sizes 28~40,  Raw and One Washed,  in store and online here: http://bit.ly/11XRkMa