Monday, September 23, 2013

Samurai 710 "Hawk Series" 17oz Black Editions

We've just received the first two editions of our Samurai "Hawk Series" jeans;  a collection of 4~5 models based on Samurai's S710 silhouette combined with a few of their different original selvage denims together with our custom detailing. We'll be introducing 2 styles in Black denim and 2~3 styles in Indigo denim, each represented by a hawk of a different color. The Black Hawk and Red Hawk are the debut models, both using Samurai's 17oz Model 'Zero' Bushido Black Selvage denim, with all Black detailing for the Black Hawk, and Orange color contrast detailing to symbolize the Red Hawk. These will be available for purchase starting this Wednesday Sept 25th  with more details and info expected to be posted on our webstore tomorrow. Updated 9/25 12:55pm - Now available in store and online: