Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pure Blue Japan NC-005 No Fade Jeans

The NC-005 (No Change-005) is a new style recently introduced by Pure Blue Japan that features a cotton selvage denim with the unique characteristic of retaining it's deep Blue color through repeated wash and wear while resisting the color fading their jeans are usually known for. This was thought to be useful for those who would prefer to have at least a single pair of jeans they could wear often but that could also act as a still-dark denim jean when the occasion called for it. More information and details about the new NC-005 below and here.The warp yarns of the NC-005 denim are dyed using Indanthrene which is a water-insoluble dye stuff that retains its color with repeated washing, wear and distress, exposure to sunlight, and in most cases is even resistant to acids and chlorine bleach. Indanthrene dye is commonly used in Military uniforms due to it's high degree of color fasting and it's ability to withstand extreme exposure to the roughest of weather. The NC-005 denim looks almost identical in color and shares the same weave and slubby texture of PBJ's indigo dyed XX-005 denim. Over time the NC-005 denim will still show slight signs of color falling and distress as the cotton wears thin but will not break down to the light shades of blue and white seen with the XX-005 denim. Below are examples of the NC-005 and XX-005 denims after machine washing 30 times with detergents and run over with coarse sand paper.