Sunday, April 25, 2010

Warehouse Co. - 1001XX 15th Anniversary Model

This year Warehouse is celebrating their 15th Anniversary with a series of special limited items starting with the 1001XX 15th Model. The 1001XX debuted in 1995 and was a testament to how serious Warehouse took the task of vintage denim jean reproduction. Piles of rare dead stock jeans were sifted through and dismantled to analyze the denim yarns and fiber content, unraveling the yarns to examine the nature in which they were spun and their irregularities. Old American made sewing machines were collected, in most cases needing repair and overhauling, and then tweaked to match the vintage jeans stitch detailing and characteristics. With the 1001XX they set out to create a jean that would look, feel, and wear like an old dead stock pair of jeans going as far as to create an oxidization process that aged the newly woven denim to give it similar characteristics.
They considered the finished product not an imitation but rather an evolution in Japanese craftsmanship and garment production with an influence rooted in the old ways of American denim jeans manufacturing. The legendary Warehouse 1001XX are now available again in this limited edition 15th Anniversary Model. More details and information here