Thursday, September 8, 2011

Natural Indigo Dyeing in Tokushima Japan

A small excerpt from the "Journal of The Society of International Natural Dyeing".  We acquired this from a close friend many years back and had it posted on our website but was misplaced until recently rediscovering it. This six page discussion focuses on natural indigo dyeing in Tokushima Japan and the historical background of natural indigo (known in Tokushima as "sukumo"), how sukumo is used and made, and how the dyebath is made. The process of creating natural indigo in Japan differs from that in other parts of the world in that the leaves are fermented to extract the indigo compound, a process that can take upwards of one year for a single batch of sukumo.

This highly prized and coveted sukumo can be found in a select few jeans sold in our store that are dyed with natural indigo harvested from Tokushima prefecture, helping to keep this centuries old tradition alive. These jeans can be found by typing Tokushima into the "Product Search" window of our web store or by clicking here. To view the full discussion on "sukumo" click Read more» at the bottom left of the cover page below.