Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oni Denim Awa Shoai - 19oz Natural Indigo

New Oni Denim Awa Shoai, 19oz original Japanese selvage denim Hand dyed with natural indigo harvested from the Tokushima prefecture in Japan by one of only a handful of indigo craftsmen capable of this dyeing technique certified by the Japanese government to be a national living treasure. This denim is woven with the same low tension and irregular manner as Oni's regular medium weight denim but done so with heavier and more uneven threads giving it an extra slubby texture. The silhouette is the same as the Oni Blue fit and the denim features dual Solid and Tri-color selvage lines, one edge is plain White with the other edge being White, Purple, & Yellow (traditional colors of the Edo Period in Japan). And by special request, we made Deerskin leather patches using the older and original style "Oni (鬼) Face" patch design embossed atop of an ink stamp reading "Natural Indigo" (天然藍). Available now in store and online and for the first time in size 42, more details below and here