Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New - Samurai S710BKII-BIG Limited Edition

The S710BK was a limited edition model produced back in 2008 using Samurai's heavyweight 19oz Black selvage denim. This year we decided to produce more of these but this time using their 17oz Model "Zero" Black selvage denim, a first for this combination together with the S710 silhouette. As with the 19oz Black denim, the warp threads of this fabric are dyed Black prior to weaving and the weft yarns are White as is common with indigo-dyed jeans. In addition, as the Black warp yarns are rope dyed, and the cores of the yarns are left undyed, the denim will crock and fade similar to Indigo dyed denim jeans. Our new S710BKII-BIG matches the details of the original such as Orange and Lemon Yellow color thread topstitch sewing, Copper rivets, Samurai's Iron-made Sunrise buttons, their original "Shogyo Mujo" Jacquard pattern Pocket bags, Tan Leather patch with Black ink printing, and Red & Silver Lamé selvage line.

This is the first in a two part production we're doing of S710's using the Black "Zero" denim, to be followed by a version with Black detailing expected later this week. More info on the S710BKII-BIG below and here