Friday, November 4, 2011

New - Studio D'Artisan D1554 - Limited Edition Rope Dyed Natural Indigo Jeans

The Studio D'Artisan D1554 is made from a new 14oz Japanese selvage denim developed by SDA made of 100% Zimbabwe Cotton and Rope Dyed with Natural Indigo to bring out a deep dark color seldom seem from natural indigo and are designed to fade like a regular indigo denim. Most natural indigo dyed denims are woven with yarns that have been dyed by hand which causes the indigo to penetrate the cores of the cotton yarns creating a denim that holds it's color longer and therefore will not show color fading similar to regular indigo rope dyed denims. Rope dying allows for regulating how deep the indigo will penetrate so the cores can be left undyed giving way to color fading of the outermost layers of indigo.
Rope dying requires large amounts of indigo spread out across several vats for mechanized repeated dying and is rarely done with natural indigo due to high cost factors. SDA however, have chosen this method to use for the D1554 and this combination of rope dying and natural indigo results in a jean that will fade and distress as a regular indigo rope dyed denim would but with the added feature of being dyed with natural indigo.
Other features includes front pocket bags made with fabric that has been Hand Dyed with Natural Indigo and also used for the half lined rear pockets, a Deer skin leather patch, and Triple-needle chain stitch seam construction at center back and yoke seams. The D1554 is all hand Made in Japan and available now in store and online here