Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue in Green featured in Clutch Magazine vol.14

English translation from Japanese:

"New York Special"

Just as expected, NEW YORK is the launching base for fashion and ideas we [in Japan] thought that it was.  

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NY Loves Japan Denim

Quite often we heard that Japanese denims are garnering praise across the continent. But is that really true? In order to seek an answer for this question, we caught up with this store in Manhattan known for it's wide selection of fine Japanese denim.



I’ve heard that there is a shop specializing in Japanese denim in Manhattan, NYC and as soon as I landed in the city I decided to head straight to that store. The store is located on Greene Street in SoHo and I kind of have an idea of the origin of the stores name, “Blue in Green”. It was a specialized denim store on Greene Street, now it started to make sense.

“It has been 7 years since we opened Blue in Green and I finally feel that we've been accepted by many customers as a store which has a great selection of denims,” co-owner Yuji Fukushima explains. It looks like half of the store has a denim section taking up the back and sides of the store. Most amazingly all the denims are actually from Japan. “Before we opened the store, we thought about what would be the best products for our store to carry all year round and it was denim without a doubt. We can give customers an impression that they can always find their favorite denim brand when they come to our store and this makes us feel happy. At the beginning of our business we had a small selection of denim but now we have about 15 Japanese denim brands. I think we are one of the very few stores who carry such a wide and varied selection of Japanese denim brands, not only in New York or America, but possibly in the entire world.”

The brand's recent #888 15th Anniversary Model (pictured) goes to show that they've continued to create a high quality jean that never disappoints.

They are one of the oldest denim manufacturers in Japan. They have lots of repeating fans and are always on the spot.

Blue in Green's collaboration jeans with PBJ are one of the stores top sellers. It's a slim tapered silhouette that caters well to many New Yorkers.

Slim, Tapered, or Straight Leg fit are the three silhouettes offered up by Skull Jeans with the S5010XX slim fit (pictured) being the standard choice for NYC.

A popular brand in Japan, their basic silhouettes attract a lot of customers who visit the store just for Kapital jeans.

Momotaro jeans are produced by an old fabric manufacturer. These 0705BIG slim tapered jeans (pictured) are produced exclusively for Blue in Green.

Warehouse is a popular and trusted brand in Japan. These Lot 660 jeans (pictured) are also an exclusive collaboration model only available at Blue in Green.

This store, managed by its two owners, is full of Japanese denim and Japanese brand treasures. They carry exclusive merchandise that can only be purchased here in New York. (pictured left): Yuji Fukushima, (right): Gordon Heffner