Monday, April 15, 2013

Samurai Jeans - 15th Anniversary Edition Jeans

This year Samurai Jeans have been celebrating their 15th Anniversary and one of the things they're doing is releasing a special anniversary edition of every jean in their regular lineup. Each model will keep the same silhouette, denim, and basic detailing of the original but with minor detail changes such as a special anniversary design patch; a full list of these styles are as follows:


In addition to these standard releases, Samurai will also be introducing a new model, the limited edition 25oz S5000VX25oz-15th.  Not just heavy for the sake of numbers, this is the most innovative heavyweight denim on the planet (more on these later):

Blue in Green will be stocking all of the standard anniversary models, some of which will only be available in limited sizes,  along with the new 25oz S5000VX25oz-15th jeans. The production dates will vary for each style with most expected to be ready in the months spanning from April to June.

Earlier this month we started things off with the arrival of the S710XX 15th Anniversary Edition. We just got these in a couple of weeks ago but have already sold out in many of the sizes, however we do have more stock coming in the second production which is expected to be ready around the end of June. Check back here or on our webstore for more updates on the new releases, or you can also follow us on Twitter for instant updates at:

The S710XX-15th Anniversary Edition Jeans, $345, are available in limited supply,  in-store and online here: